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The Dreams: Articles

Here are some articles from us containing low-level information about the C64 and its peripherals:

Name About Published in
Very fast 2x2-FLI routine This is probably the fastest method of doing FLI. Although having badlines every second line, there are still enough CPU-cycles left for other tasks. Mainly achieved by an innovative way of using timers, then ultimatively optimized for speed. VN #43 (03/2005)
Reliably detecting PAL/NTSC The built-in PAL/NTSC-detection has some flaws. Learn here about them and how to do it better. Go64! (06/2000)
Disabling the NMI This articles describes a way to mask the Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI), despite its name. Go64! (09/1999)
Parking the CMD-HD How to re-program a button from the CMD Harddisk to enter/exit sleepmode. Techniques for modifying its firmware are presented as well as inserting SCSI-commands. Dom #17 (11/2002)
RAM within the SuperCPU A SuperCPU uses different kinds of RAM, namely SRAM and DRAM. This article covers their differences, especially focussing on the timing. It also gives recommendations which data to store where. Go64! (02/2000)
Badlines with the SuperCPU The SuperCPU-accelerator handles badlines differently than a plain C64. This article measures how and outlines how to use this effectively. Go64! (04/2000)

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