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At university, I was given the task to demonstrate a PointSet and a LineSet in VRML97. I got the idea to map stars and constellations onto a sphere. So, I gathered the necessary data from the net (9000+ stars from the Bright Star Catalog and 80+ constellations from the great program Cartes du Ciel) and wrote a PERL-script to generate the VRML-file. The result is probably not 100% accurate from an astronomical point of view, but I think it is a way to get some orientation for starters. Plus, it is nice to play with :)

Look at the stars with Latin names (~80 KB) or with German names (~80 KB). Get the source (~590 KB).

SVGATextMode 1.9-16rc1

SVGATextMode is a set of utilities to get all kinds of textmodes with SVGA-cards by directly operating with its registers. It gave me a nice 100x75 screen on my laptop when using Linux (without framebuffers). There used to be a DOS-version, too, but the latest Linux-patches and additions spoiled that feature. So, I worked on the at that time latest Debian-version (1.9-15), regained DOS-compatibility and improved DOS-usage a bit. I sent the patches to the Debian-maintainer, but it seems it will take a while until they are included. So, meanwhile I present the sourcecode and binary files here as a release candidate, so you can play with them already. I'd be happy about feedback, as I just could test it on two machines.

DOS-binaries (~570 KB). Source (~470 KB).

Update: Debian-version is now at 1.9-19 without applying my patch. The maintainer does not respond anymore, pity :( Good news is, that FreeDOS included this version in their utils section.